This article will cover questions about Qualifying Session requirements, bookings and attendance.


Qualifying Sessions Requirements

Any person being Called to the Bar of England and Wales must complete Qualifying Sessions before their Call ceremony, unless they are granted an exemption by the Bar Standards Board. 

The requirement is the same for both Bar Course students and Transferring Legal Professionals. 

Before your Call ceremony you must gain:

Also, you may attend up to 5 Qualifying Sessions on Circuit if you study with a Bar Course Provider outside of London. (Please note, online sessions reserved for circuit students do not count towards this limit).

Please note, some of our Qualifying Sessions may allow you to gain more than 1 point depending on the content.

The themes and content will be clearly advertised at the point of booking.

Attending Qualifying Sessions

Most Qualifying Session events are only open to Student Members currently studying the bar course (as well as TLPs).


We strongly advise you wait to start attending Qualifying Sessions until you are on the Bar Course. They will be most relevant to you at this stage.

Please note that Qualifying Sessions are valid from 5 years of the date of attendance. If there are any planned or unforeseen delays in your Call to the Bar, you may need to attend some Qualifying Sessions again.

Our Qualifying Session programme is a mix of in person and online events. The location or format will be clearly advertised at point of booking. Our team will contact you via email before each event with advice on how to attend. 

Please ensure that you book the correct ticket type and once you have made a booking for a Qualifying Session, please treat this as a professional commitment. Please see our attendance policy in the Student Handbook for further information. 

Booking Qualifying Sessions

Qualifying Sessions are made available for booking three times a year, before the start of each term. 

Current Bar Course students and anyone else identified as needing to accrue Qualifying Sessions will be emailed when the events are available to book. 

You should book these session via our website in the Members Area. Please ensure you are logged in via the window shown in the image below, before proceeding to the events page to book tickets. 

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