Attending events digitally is still relatively new. Please find below advice on how best to prepare for and participate in our online Qualifying Sessions.


Setting up a Zoom account

Our online Qualifying Sessions are currently hosted on Zoom.

We recommend that you set up an account if possible and download the Zoom app on to the device that you will be using to join the session in order to get the best experience. 

Please note: Use of a tablet or computer (not a smart phone) is strongly encouraged where possible. Some sessions will be interactive with group discussions or will include presentations that may not be legible on a phone screen. 

Logging in to a digital event

Log in details for all digital events will be sent to attendees no later than 12pm on the day of the event.

You will either be provided with a link and a password or a meeting ID and password. If you are provided with a meeting ID and password, you can join the event by either using the Zoom app or a browser window to enter the details.

Please ensure you join the meeting a few minutes before the advertised start time. You will initially be held in a waiting room. The event manager will admit you when the session starts. We will send a message if there are any delays.

Example of a Zoom Waiting Room window

Attendance will be monitored by the Zoom software and transferred to our database within a week of attendance. 

You must attend the session in full to gain a QS point.

Participating in a digital event

Once you have joined the event (unless the event is a webinar) you will be asked by the event manager to turn your camera on and your microphone off. 

You will then be asked to switch to Speaker View on your Zoom Call. 

Closed Captions will be available in the toolbar  for those who need them. 

The event manager or a member of Inner Temple staff will be available in the chat window should you have any issues during the event. Please only use this chat window to discuss issues with the event you are currently attending.

You will be advised at the start of the event how and when to ask any questions. Usually questions can be asked via the raise hand function and video or via the chat window. 

Example of a Zoom toolbar and commonly used tools in our QS

Digital events lasting more than one hour will include a short comfort break.

Hybrid Event Booking Policy

Please be mindful when booking events that are held both online and in person that you have booked the correct ticket type. Our cancellation period for each event applies to changing ticket types also.


Catering and staff arrangements are made well in advance of each event. To avoid wasted resources, changes to ticket types will not be made after the advertised cancellation date has passed.


Digital QS FAQs

Why do you ask us to turn on our cameras?

We ask people to turn on cameras for two reasons during an online only event:

1) It encourages engagement during the interactive parts of the sessions, such as Q&A.

2) It helps our volunteer speakers and trainers whilst they’re talking. Otherwise they feel as thought they’re speaking to an empty room. (Our Qualifying Session programme is delivered almost entirely by volunteer members of the Inn - we like to make them feel as welcome and valued as possible to encourage them continue giving up their evenings and weekends to help Bar Course Students like yourselves.)

We encourage everybody in the room to use Speaker View. You are unlikely to be seen by anyone unless you are asking a question.

We aren’t monitoring your attendance using the cameras. Attendance is monitored using the Zoom software which accurately records log in and log out times against your username.

Why are digital sessions recorded?

Digital sessions are recorded for Quality Assurance purposes and are only saved for internal use.

Can you stream an in person session as I cannot attend in person?

No. If the event is not advertised as an online or hybrid event then we do not have the capacity to stream it. Running a hybrid event involves more staff available on the evening and more facilities booked. We are not able to stream every event. We do stream them where possible and practical. If there is extreme weather, industrial action or a similar occurrence that may affect the majority of people’s ability to attend in person, we will make every effort to change an event to a digital format if possible. 

Can I leave the event during the Q&A session?

No. The event timing is advertised at booking and includes the Q&A session. We may occasionally finish early if there are no further questions but the Q&A is considered a part of the event and you may not receive your QS point if you leave early. 

If we are running past our scheduled time and you need to leave, please do. In this case, you will still receive your QS. 

I am traveling during the session. Can I join on my commute?

It depends on the session. This would not be appropriate for an interactive session where you are expected to speak to the meeting room for any length of time as you would likely be interrupted on

public transport or not be heard properly. If it is mainly a talk with a Q&A, as long as you can be present for the whole session this should not be a problem.

Do not attend a Qualifying Session event whilst driving. 

If we suspect you are attending a QS whilst driving we will remove you from the session and you will not receive a QS point.