You can see all of your events attended in the Members' Area of our website after logging in. We recommend you keep your own record too, even if it's a quick note or a folder in your inbox with our emails. 


Step 1: Log in

  1. Head to www.innertemple.org.uk 
  2. Click on the Members Area link in the top right hand corner (pictured below)
  3. Navigate to the Events Attended page (pictured below) - NB, please make sure you are looking at Events Attended and not Events Booked

Step 2: View your record

You will land on a page similar to the one shown below.

Scroll right at the bottom of the table shown to see your QS totals under each theme. 



Why aren't my sessions showing in this table?

Depending on the workload of the event manager administrating the event, it can take up to a week to update attendance. If it has been longer than a week since the event you attended, please contact us to let us know about any discrepancies.

I can't view this table/access the Members Area. What should I do?

Contact qs@innertemple.org.uk with details of the issue you are experiencing.