Here are some answers to other frequently asked questions about Qualifying Sessions.


I was late to an event/couldn't attend/forgot to sign in on the day. Can I still be awarded the QS point?


We are tasked with keeping accurate records of attendance to comply with the Qualifying Session requirements set by the Bar Standards Board. Regardless of the reason, if you did not attend the session in full or did not sign the Qualifying Session register when attending in person, you will not be awarded a point for the event. Please see the attendance policy in our Student Handbook for further details. 

The event I want to attend is fully booked. Is there a waiting list?

Waiting lists for events will be advertised on our website. You can add yourself to a waiting list by clicking the relevant link in the event description on our website and entering your details.

Places are offered on a first come, first served basis, if and when cancellations are made.

What's the dress code for Qualifying Sessions?

Unless otherwise advised the dress code for in person Qualifying Sessions is dark suits and dark shoes. 

Online Qualifying Sessions do not have a dress code but please bear in mind that you could be visible to your peers and the trainers and that it is a professional event. Smart casual is advised. 

I've double booked/need to cancel a session. How do I do this?

Email us at qs@innertemple.org.uk 

Tell us:

  • Your name and membership number
  • The date and name of the event
  • The reason you need to cancel

Please bear in mind our cancellation policy.