This will give you an idea of the costs associated with your Call to the Bar that you will encounter before applying for Call, while making the application and also during the ceremony itself. 


Overview of the Cost of Call 

Qualifying Sessions (QS)from £7 per sessionFurther information about QS can be found here. 
Criminal Record Check(s)£32.40 (in addition to any international check(s) which may be required)Further breakdown of the costs, including cost of international criminal record checks can be found here.
Call Fee
You only have to pay this once as the Inn will hold your fee if you need to defer or reapply. You may not have to pay for this at all if you were granted the Duke of Edinburgh Scholarship. 
Ceremony dress code related costs - bands/collarettes
[Click here for further information about ceremony dress code]
from £6The Inn provides a gown for FREE to be worn during the ceremony/reception. Wigs are not worn during the ceremony but will be provided in the photography studios for FREE. Therefore, there is no need to hire a wig and gown unless you would like to take photos around the grounds of the Inn. 
Callee ticket 
(ceremony & reception)
£22Call tickets cover both the ceremony and reception. Food and drink is provided after the ceremony with your ticket. Each callee must purchase a callee ticket unless they are being called in absentia. Further information about ceremony tickets can be found here
Guest tickets 
(ceremony & reception)
£28 each Must be purchased with your callee ticket (instructions will be provided). Guests may pay for their ticket directly if they need to by calling the Education Engagement Co-ordinator. 
Call certificateFreeThis is provided to you at the Call ceremony or posted for free if called in absentia. You misplace your certificate, this can be reprinted for a fee (£8-digital, £12 hard copy).
Professional Call photography
Varies depending on photo pack selected
Professional photography is provided by Ede & Ravenscroft. A few days before the ceremony you can view the packs available via the link in your confirmation email. 
Miscellaneous costs e.g.,
- Travel to the Inn
- Accommodation if necessary
Varies for each individual 
We strongly advised that your do not book any non-refundable travel/accommodation until your place on a Call ceremony has been confirmed. Please note the Inn does not provide assistance for travel or accommodation for the Call ceremony so please bare this in mind when planning your attendance. 

Is there any financial support for Call related costs?

Qualifying Sessions Grant and Subsidy - The Inn has a QS grant that can assist those who are under significant pressure during the Bar Course. In addition, if you live outside of London and the South Eastern Circuit and need assistance with travelling to Qualifying Sessions or accommodation for the sessions, there is also a travel subsidy you may be able to apply for. 

To find out more about the grant and subsidy, please click HERE or email (qs@innertemple.org.uk). Please note the Call ceremony is not a Qualifying Session and therefore, the subsidy does not extend to assistance to attend Call ceremonies. 

Criminal Record Checks - In order to assist with the cost of criminal record checks, the Inn covers the cost of the administration fees for both the standard UK DBS check and any international checks you are required to obtain through DDC for the purpose of being called to the Bar. 

Ceremony Dress Code - If you have any concerns related to purchasing the necessary garments for the Call to the Bar ceremony, please email call@innertemple.org.uk 

Ceremony tickets - The callee ticket is compulsory and must be purchased by the deadline stated within your confirmation email which you will receive approximately 10 working days before your intended Call ceremony. However, please email call@innertemple.org.uk if you have any concerns about this.