If you've missed a Qualifying Session and need to be called to the Bar urgently or you're a Transferring Legal Professional who has experience in the themes explored by the QS Framework, you may be able to apply for a waiver.  


Waivers for Student Members & Transferring Lawyers 

According to the Joint Inns Education Qualification Rules, a student member or transferring legal professional may apply for a waiver to remove the requirement to attend one or more Qualifying Sessions and/or the Call Ceremony. 

Please note in all cases, waivers and modifications will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and when supported by documentary evidence. 

For student members a waiver/modification of time to complete the outstanding QS will not normally be granted where there are further opportunities to attend the relevant session, unless there is an urgent need for the individual to be called to the Bar at that time (for example, they will commence their 2nd Six of pupillage before the next available Call ceremony). 

The same will apply for transferring legal professionals unless they can demonstrate their previous experience means they have obtained the requisite level of skill and/or knowledge required in one or more of the Qualifying Session themes as set out in the Framework for the provision of Qualifying Sessions may apply to have attendance at Qualifying Sessions related to those themes waived. 

How to apply for a Qualifying Sessions Waiver

You can apply for the waiver via the online file HERE. Please note, you must attach supporting documents to the application unless you have discussed this separately with the Education Engagement Co-ordinator. 

If you are are transferring legal professional applying for the waiver based on your experience, please ensure that you state how your experience meets the themes explored in the QS Framework in which you are seeking the waiver for: 

  • Ethics, Standards and Values;
  • Advocacy Skills;
  • Legal Knowledge, Justice and Rule of Law;
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; and/or
  • Preparation for Pupillage, Career Development and Wellbeing. 

Your application will be assessed by the Inn's Reviewing Officer based on the individual merits of your application and the supporting documentation provided. If you are unable to upload all the attachments to your online waiver form, you can email them to call@innertemple.org.uk 

Waiver applications must be reviewed at least 2 weeks before your intended Call to the Bar ceremony in order to fulfil the QS requirement for Call. 

When to apply for a QS Waiver

It would be good to apply for a QS waiver at the point you decided to be called to the Bar. This will allow the Reviewing Officer to have a full picture of when you intend to be called to the Bar. 

You can apply for Call before completing a QS waiver.