You may be able to apply to be called in absentia if you have an urgent need to be called to the Bar, but there are extenuating circumstances preventing you from attending the ceremony in person. 


Examples of extenuating circumstances 

The Joint Inns Education Qualifications Rules set out examples of extenuating circumstances which may lead to a person being granted Call in absentia by their Inn's dedicated Nominated Officer. 

In ay case the Inn's Nominated Officer may ask for further information to make a decision. 

Event Evidence Required
a.Sever transport disruption
National news report; travel document etc.
b.Medical condition (self or dependant)Doctor's certificate or supporting statement
c.BereavementSupporting document/statement
d.International visa/travel difficultiesSupporting document/statement
e.Other compassionate reasonSupporting statement

How to apply to be called in absentia

When applying for Call via the online application portal, if you select to be called in absentia it will prompt you to complete the additional application to be called in absentia HERE so that you can submit your supporting documentation/statement. 

You can apply to be called in absentia before or after you have made your Call application. However, you must apply at least 2 weeks (14 working days) before your intended Call ceremony. Only in extreme circumstances will Call in absentia be granted once confirmation letters are released approximately 10 working days before the ceremony. 

Things to note during/post Call ceremony

In most cases, but not all, the Call ceremony will be livestreamed therefore you will be able to hear your name called and Call moved by your proposing Master of the Bench. 

Your Call certificate will be posted to your nominated address after the Call ceremony. If you require a digital copy of the certificate in circumstances where you need the certificate urgently, please email call@innertemple.org.uk